How SMS can be used to bridge the digital divide in healthcare.

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The Covid-19 pandemic made us all take a closer look at digital health communications, and what we found were blaring inequalities. During the heart of the pandemic, and still today, the economic and educational elite tend to have computers, smart-phones, broadband, and internet, with access to vital mobile health services. …

In second grade, Orion’s teacher challenged him to write his jokes down instead of telling them during class. He took the challenge quite seriously. The alternative was sitting in the dreaded “take a break chair.”

We wrote down his jokes on the way home from school, while we waited for the subway, in taxis, or when strolling through the park. The jokes were based on what he learned in school that day, and on his love for STEM. I was so impressed with Orion’s efforts, as well as the teacher’s savvy, that I ended up sharing the story with The…

by Imani Razat

I’m super happy that it’s summer. As a homeschooler, it takes a little while for it to sink in that the school year is finally over, that we’re on vacay! Homeschool takes place at home, and summer break takes place at home, I’m still in the mode of planning a lesson, educational field trip, or math session. I’m having a hard time turning the homeschool off. I noticed that I can’t stop checking in on my son, peeking my head into his room from time to time to ask: “Hey, what are you up to?” …

Teaching my creative 4th grader homeschool geometry so that it sticks.

Homeschool Angle Collage

As a homeschooling mom, I’ve learned that introducing new concepts to children is a delicate thing. If you’re impatient, harsh, or talk down to kids when they’re trying to grasp something new, they may learn it, but you can forget about them growing to enjoy said subject.

“This is exciting,” I told my son. “We’re about to get crazy with angles!”

As a teacher and parent, you have the wonderful opportunity to make a positive introduction. I’m especially careful to introduce math from a place of whimsy. As a…

Fun Math Faves from a Homeschooling Mom

My son’s “hope and dream” from his 2nd grade classroom.

I remember walking into my son’s 2nd grade classroom for a Parent-Teacher Conference. He’d been required to draw a picture of his “hope and dream” for the year. When I saw his drawing hanging on the wall, my heart sank. A picture is worth a thousand words. As I analyzed the drawing I realized we had to make a change. My inner child could totally relate. I never equated math with fun mostly because it wasn’t taught to me in a vibrant, fun way. I remember feeling trapped in pages of repetitive worksheet…

Why microbes, hackers and geneticists are popping up at art galleries.

As I mingle in a contemporary Harlem gallery while a fairly accomplished artist urges humanity to shun technology and return to art I couldn’t help but to furrow my creative brows. The artist’s words preceded a presentation of work which ironically enough was delivered via projection and influenced by microbiology. Unmoved by the unplug from technology trope and the luddite as artist presenting it I trashed my cup half full of cheap wine and made my way towards the exit.

My next stop, a pop up exhibition on 125th street where art types and the cultural influencers that orbit them…

“harlem: Per(il)locution” by Artist Jose Rodriguez Flux Art Fair in Harlem

Since the 1970s, New York-born, Harlem-bred artist Jose Rodriguez, has drawn upon his Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage to create decades of work based on ritual objects and ceremonial traditions. He has toured the world showing everywhere from the Musee du Louvre in Paris to the Studio Museum of Harlem. “harlem: The Per(il)locution,” a site specific installation of a Yoruba inspired ceremonial shrine pays homage to Harlem, and serves to address the emotional impact of gentrification across generations of community. It is an offering to the displaced people, culture and traditions. It is currently on display at Harlem’s inaugural Flux…

Imani Razat

Communications, Homeschool Mom, advocate for STEAM education.

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